"We are undoubtedly at the time in our lives where every decision feels all-the-more major because we don't know how significant or insignificant it will be. Everything is a game-changer because we've only just started playing the game."


just deleted about 600 files worth of "inspiration" and "patterns"...all for my dedication to my new pinterest boards. to see my boards and to follow me, check out the link over there --->


^made some jjamm spreads today, like on toast! 
also, i really like this:

happy weekend.


first post of 2011 with a new banner too! (it is a piece of fused glass i made a while back)

1. i vow to start making more things!
2. i will NOT purchase any clothes in 2011, for real. which led me to the idea of a clothes swap party in the near future.  who's in? (for the party that is) 

all the best.