perfect song.


"As astronauts and space travelers children puzzle over the future; as dinosaurs and princesses they unearth the past. As weather reporters and restaurant workers they make sense of reality; as monsters and gremlins they make sense of the unreal. "-Gretchen Owocki, Contemporary American early childhood educator


5 finished works...2 paintings per frame.


tiny paintings soon to be in tiny frames.


"In fact, different groups of people perceive their relationship with their environment in different ways. While one person stranded in the wilderness might know how to live off the land, someone else might not. The same is true for those of us who know how to easily negotiate our way through a major city, even if we can't speak the language and haven't been there before. We learn how to 'read' our spaces based on our experiences and cultural understandings. Aesthetics play an important role in how we respond." -Kristin Congdon

starting to think about my paintings as souvenirs?


new, tiny paintings.
(i apologize for the quality of the photograph)

47 day countdown until a long weekend in nashville!


cheers to traveling, even short distances.

p.s. i didn't take this photo, jonny did. i just really like it.



ann arbor, michigan. 4-16-11


old(er) work looking kinda fresh at the redlight gallery in akron in the illuminate juried show!


taking a painting independent study in the fall and wanting/needing to find some unique painting techniques...
in the mean time, kind of obsessed with this work: gregory euclide

grad school, here i come!


lines of flight, detail ^

my artist statement, revisited:
the delicate lines do not just represent getting from here to there;
lines of flight is a literal documentation of trips in ohio. like a street view map, these lines show the turns, stops and curves. traveling to the same locations over and over, i have begun to memorize where bumps are, anticipate the turns and estimate times of arrival. lines of flight are familiar routes, almost comforting in contrast to the anxiety i experience when traveling somewhere new or unknown. the lines were created while traveling; the simple movements of the car dragged and spun a marker across paper. clustered together, the lines blur the image of where i have been, what turns i made and how quickly i stopped.

there is a certain romance and beauty of designed walls; in history simple but beautiful wallpaper was a necessity. the clustered lines that commemorate where i have been were repeated into a wallpaper pattern. wallpaper, like my traveling, is both necessary and precious.


great song; bizarre video!


in process for local terrain...
i drive alot. a few weeks ago, i strung up markers to the inside roof of my car. the markers hung down onto a sheet of paper and created drawings at every twist and turn of my drive. basically a street view map, catching movements. in all, five drawings were created and then i converted them into a cluster design. the cluster design was then repeat and flipped to make an all-over, wallpaper design. i was thinking alot about how driving places, or living far away isn't necessary but all the driving i do has good and pleasurable results. just like wallpaper isn't a necessary thing and is just to make the room a little bit better. i guess, driving long distances is like wallpaper. and maybe in the end, they really are necessary.

the end result of this will be a 26x40 screen print, in gold on steel blue paper.
any comments or suggestions would be great.


i'm making art! or rather i'm in the process...
getting excited about the local terrain show at the end of may.

maps as art.


"We are undoubtedly at the time in our lives where every decision feels all-the-more major because we don't know how significant or insignificant it will be. Everything is a game-changer because we've only just started playing the game."


just deleted about 600 files worth of "inspiration" and "patterns"...all for my dedication to my new pinterest boards. to see my boards and to follow me, check out the link over there --->


^made some jjamm spreads today, like on toast! 
also, i really like this:

happy weekend.


first post of 2011 with a new banner too! (it is a piece of fused glass i made a while back)

1. i vow to start making more things!
2. i will NOT purchase any clothes in 2011, for real. which led me to the idea of a clothes swap party in the near future.  who's in? (for the party that is) 

all the best.