in process for local terrain...
i drive alot. a few weeks ago, i strung up markers to the inside roof of my car. the markers hung down onto a sheet of paper and created drawings at every twist and turn of my drive. basically a street view map, catching movements. in all, five drawings were created and then i converted them into a cluster design. the cluster design was then repeat and flipped to make an all-over, wallpaper design. i was thinking alot about how driving places, or living far away isn't necessary but all the driving i do has good and pleasurable results. just like wallpaper isn't a necessary thing and is just to make the room a little bit better. i guess, driving long distances is like wallpaper. and maybe in the end, they really are necessary.

the end result of this will be a 26x40 screen print, in gold on steel blue paper.
any comments or suggestions would be great.

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  1. This is really fun to look at. Are we looking at one drawing repeated or many drawings by many markers simultaneously?