lines of flight, detail ^

my artist statement, revisited:
the delicate lines do not just represent getting from here to there;
lines of flight is a literal documentation of trips in ohio. like a street view map, these lines show the turns, stops and curves. traveling to the same locations over and over, i have begun to memorize where bumps are, anticipate the turns and estimate times of arrival. lines of flight are familiar routes, almost comforting in contrast to the anxiety i experience when traveling somewhere new or unknown. the lines were created while traveling; the simple movements of the car dragged and spun a marker across paper. clustered together, the lines blur the image of where i have been, what turns i made and how quickly i stopped.

there is a certain romance and beauty of designed walls; in history simple but beautiful wallpaper was a necessity. the clustered lines that commemorate where i have been were repeated into a wallpaper pattern. wallpaper, like my traveling, is both necessary and precious.

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